“The process of making a painting is very like the evolution of a landscape with layers built up, scratched into, worked on top of, then stripped away, erased, and then built on again, while still revealing traces of the former surface.”


Choice of subject is a strange process – or rather not a process but a moment of recognition – this is what needs to be recorded. There will seldom be recognised ’landmarks’ in my work, because above all it is an attempt to reveal the unexpected beauty of unremarked places and the presence and influence of the human on the physical environment.

My work aims to evoke a feeling and capture a sense of place, an atmosphere or an unexpected detail rather than reproduce a direct likeness. The paintings are a product of observation, interpretation and improvisation: the original observation is processed, re-examined and the essence abstracted. The landscape is always the starting point and thereafter what is produced is my attempt to recreate, not the place, but the memory of the place. I am fascinated by the interplay of light, time, weather and season on landscape. The effect of the elements is one of the most fascinating things for me, not just for the energy, which it can produce in a painting or drawing, but also because of the influence it can have on my emotion and the reaction of others.

The paintings illustrated are all sold  - please see "new work' for items for sale.