“The process of making a painting is very like the evolution of a landscape with layers built up, scratched into, worked on top of, then stripped away, erased, and then built on again, while still revealing traces of the former surface.”

Thursday, 07 April 2016 11:30

New Website - New Year

A bit later  - but it feels like we have finally emerged from the cold, wet miserableness of the winter. At Pittenweem the daffodils are out and the garden is emerging from the destructive winds and wetness of the last few months.

There will be lots of changes for those of you visiting at the festival this year - a garden in flux!

If you are round and about Scotland you can find some new paintings at Aberfeldy Gallery and Morningside Gallery at the moment - and I’m seriously focussed now on the Pittenweem Festival, which opens on the 6th of August this year - 5th for all you subscribers.
The small paintings were really popular last year so I’m going to include some more of those this year.

Here’s to longer days and gloriously more light and colour in the next few months.